Saâdane Afif

The End of the World

In his intervention Saâdane Afif announces the end of the world. A central feature of his oeuvre is the idea that the process of creating a work of art is contemporaneous with the duration of the exhibition. For The End of the World Afif works with a number of temporal and transient aspects of art.

For the intervention Afif interviewed members of the staff of the Museum für Naturkunde. These interviews will become part of the artistic work in the form of a fictional conversation. In his work with the Museum, which collects and studies natural objects from all over the world, Afif developed metaphors of the Museum as a world with its own structures, wishes and conflicts. In a rather melancholy frame of mind, he asks what the future can bring, since all worlds must come to an end.

Afif will not be showing any objects in the Museum while the exhibition is on, but will only leave a visible trace in the form of posters announcing the ephemeral performance The End of the World on 29 November when the exhibition ends. One inevitably wonders which world it is whose end is being announced – the real world, the metaphorical world of the Museum or some other world that has been so thoroughly investigated and eroded that it comes to an end devoid of substance. Following the artist’s idea that, in a certain sense, every exhibition is a world of its own it also announces the end of this particular world.

Part of Afif’s artistic practice is a self-reflective game with his own work. Other series of his works start with an object that fellow-artists translate into other media such as texts or compositions. This form of artistic engagement contains the idea of an unfinished work that constantly transforms itself and gives form to new works that reference and blend with one another. The End of the World too is a starting point – this time in the form of conversations and a performance. In this work, Afif announces an end that is at the same time a beginning.

A work by Saâdane Afif in collaboration with Augustin Maurs

Performance on 29 November (7:30 pm), entrance free, registration here

Saâdane Afif