Monika Rinck

The Lost World

What happens when things are set in motion and start circulating? What stories do they initiate? Writer Monika Rinck’s intervention for the natural history museum deals with losing and finding things. Processes in which a soul is lost or found play a special role in this regard.

Monika Rinck knows that her work lies somewhere between her as a poet and her texts. Her effort yields a chaos generator, a prism, a performance, as much as it has to do with reading, theft, alienation, mercy and hardness.

This bodes ill for hypes of immediacy and overblown metaphors. But it promises much beauty, happiness and also forcefulness for the objects and the rhythm of her writing. Especially since she does not believe she ‘has’ anything that she could give up, like the title of one of her most beautiful poems: ‘nicht haben: natur’ (‘can’t have: nature’).

Monika Rinck was born in 1969 in Zweibrücken, Germany, near the French border. She studied religious studies, history and comparative literature, and lives as a writer in Berlin. Monika Rinck was awarded the Kleist literature prize in 2015.

Design: Claudia Bachmann
Dramaturgy: Christian Filips
Curator: Cord Riechelmann

Literary performances
on weekends and holidays from 11 am to 5 pm
with Susanne Bredehöft, Thorsten Heidel and Hermann Heisig.

Publication accompanying the intervention:
The Lost World

The book contains Monika Rinck’s texts and drawings as well as pictures of the lost objects that play a role in the intervention.
Available in the museum shop for 12€, ISBN: 978-3-946512-03-5

Publications (selection): Begriffsstudio 1996–2001 (Edition Sutstein 2001), continued at; HELM AUS PHLOX. Zur Theorie des schlechtesten Werkzeugs. Eine kollektive Poetologie, with Ann Cotton, Daniel Falb, Hendrik Jackson and Steffen Popp (Merve 2011); Verzückte Distanzen: Gedichte (zu Klampen Verlag 2013); and Risiko und Idiotie. Streitschriften, (kookbooks Berlin 2016).

Monika Rinck
© Monika Rinck