Klara Hobza


How are human beings perceived by a spider? Or by a squid? In Klara Hobza’s experimental machine, the Animaloculomat, visitors to the museum can gain an insight into how human beings might have been perceived by a wide variety of animals. Hobza’s hands-on project can be fun and a learning experience for anyone.

Klara Hobza’s artistic works carry within them the elective affinity of charm and comedy, of steadfast analytics and fear of failure. The artist’s experiments evolve through the media of sculpture, video, performance and drawings. The stories of her works tread the fine line between science, fiction and fantasy.

Klara Hobza (b. 1975 in Plzeň/Pilsen, Czech Republic) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, at Columbia University, New York, and at the Rogue Film School, Los Angeles. She now lives and works in Berlin.

Past works include Die Schlickschlacht zu Schillig (2016), Die große Basler Gipfelbergung (2014), Moving with Fervour into Moments of Levity (2012), Diving through Europe (2010 – probably 2035), Nay I’ll Have a Starling (2006 – present) and Paper Airplanes (2004 – present). Her autobiography, a first version of which was written by Hobza in 2002 from the perspective of 2066, ten years after her projected death, is being penned as a conceptual self-portrait. The autobiography has so far undergone one revision around 2012.

Curator for visual art: Bergit Arends

Klara Hobza
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