The end of the world

A Performance by Saâdane Afif in collaboration with Augustin Maurs

While the Museum für Naturkunde collects and studies objects from all over the world, Saâdane Afif has developed the metaphor of the museum as a world in itself that raises questions and generates its own explorers: in the same way as the natural world is getting older and facing a certain end, the “world museum” is also subjected to a degradation which will lead it to its own disappearance. The brief of Afif’s commissioned work to Augustin Maurs was to compose a musical piece as if the action were set a few moments before the end of the world.

“Das Ende der Welt” will be performed by The Last Ensemble, with special guests Ricardo Frenzel Baudisch (tenor), Katharina Schrade (soprano), Sarah van der Kemp (soprano), Yuka Yanagihara (soprano), and Ni Fan (percussion).

The Last Ensemble: Martin Åkesson, Audrey Andrieu, Katharina Beckmann, Nina Berclaz, Cornelius von Bernstorff, Oliver Coleman, Sarah Darwin, Helga Dittmann-Pätsch, Guillaume Doerflinger, Philothée Gaymard, Cornelia Hiller, Hervé Humbert, Sam Kennedy, Cosima zu Knyphausen, Katharina Kritzler, Rüdiger Mangel, Sigrun Meyer, Alberto Piu, Antonio Piu, Cathia Ruf, Marilena Stano, and Renate Wolf.

The performance “The End of the World” will take place on 29 November in the dinosaur hall of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

Event starts: 7:30 pm Doors open: 7:00 pm


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The end of the world </br> 29.11.2015
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