Literature on Stage

Created by the authors Ann Cotten, Monika Rinck, and Sabine Scho in 2008, the rottenkinckschow is a research-based format for visualizing abstract notions as theatre. The rottenkinckschow draws its spirit from its unique presentation of themes, incorporating frippery, theory, flotsam, singing, logic, reinforcement, transcendence, materiality, munition, quotation, matter and doesn’t matter, mutiny on the mounty, raising the flag and grazing to a halt.

For Halloween on 31.10.2015 and exclusively for the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Sabine Scho, Ann Cotten and Monika Rinck will stage a rottenkinckschow on the senses as part of Sabine Scho and Andreas Töpfer’s artistic intervention “The Origin of Senses”.

Event starts: 8 pm

“rks on art 2012” © Matthias Holtmann

Rottenkinckschow </br> 31.10.2015
rks on art 2012 © Matthias Holtmann