Curator's Tour 08.03.2018

Field Work as Art

Join curator Christine Heidemann for a guided tour on artist Mark Dion’s installations at Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and a discussion afterwards with Art/Nature project manager Anita Hermannstädter.

Being a natural history aficionado, Mark Dion (USA) integrated different objects into the exhibition which all are linked to the interdisciplinary work of the institution’s research teams. His work “Collectors Collected. The Material Culture of Field Work” is part of the fourth artistic interventions round at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

He looks at the scientists who have been gathering objects for the collections of the Naturkundemuseum for over two centuries, much like an anthropologist studies a foreign culture by examining the everyday objects and utensils used.

Dion directs his attention to those tools and materials that are used for work outside “in the field”. In doing so he asks how these objects offer information about the technological, political, cultural-historical, and economic aspects that influence scientific work ­– from the time of the German Empire to the Nazi period, to East Germany, and up to the present day.

Tour start: 7:30 pm, doors open: 7:00 pm.
Meeting Point: Entrance to the Dinosaur Hall.
Admission free.
We kindly ask you to sign up for the tour via email:

Curator's Tour 08.03.2018
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