Art/Nature Talk
Transgressing Borders 23.04.2018

The Conspicuous Parts

An evening with the video artist Assaf Gruber and curator Dorothée Brill on the creation of the art work „The Conspicuous Parts“ as part of the fourth artistic intervention round at Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Host: Anita Hermannstädter, project manager Kunst/Natur.

Assaf Gruber’s films and sculptures often deal with the interplay between ideologies of individuals and their personal biographies, and with the way in which both of these shape and influence private and public spheres and relationships. This focus also provides the background for the film installation at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin in front of the historic dioramas.

Gruber’s film challenges the ways in which institutions choose to represent and communicate scientific and historical facts – or presumptions. The life stories of the protagonists elucidate how the presentation of those facts is shaped by the desires of individuals: from possible colonial ambitions of explorers in the Caribbean to an unlikely obsession of a museum director at the time of the First World War and the resulting fantasy of a young taxidermist of today.

Tour start: 7:30 pm, doors open: 7:00 pm.
Admission free.
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Art/Nature Talk<br />
Transgressing Borders 23.04.2018
Assaf Gruber during the film shooting © Museum für Naturkunde / Hwa Ja Goetz