ART/NATURE Contemporary Art in Natural History Museums and Collections June 2017

Tuesday, 26 June

Welcome Address, Johannes Vogel (Museum für Naturkunde Berlin), Kirsten Haß (German Federal Cultural Foundation), Anita Hermannstädter (PAN-Perspectives on Nature, MfN Berlin)
The Natural History Complex: On Artistic Research into Sticky Materialities, Petra Lange-Berndt

Panel 1: Artists as Residents

Intersecting Inquiries: Smithsonian Artist Fellows at the National Museum of Natural History, Barbara W. Stauffer
The Alchemical Afterlife, Janet Laurence

Panel 2: Blurring Boundaries

The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature: New Hunting Estate for Contemporary Art, Claude d’Anthenaise
INHOTIM’s Educational Practices: Merging Different Areas of Knowledge, Yara Castanheira
A Vision for BIOTOPIA: Exploring Life through Science, Art and Design, Michael John Gorman

Panel Discussion

Art/Nature – Brief Romance or Lasting Relationship? Neil MacGregor
Art/Nature – Brief Romance or Lasting Relationship? Gaby Hartel
Art/Nature – Brief Romance or Lasting Relationship? D’Arcy Wilson
Art/Nature – Brief Romance or Lasting Relationship? A. Berthoin Antal
Panel Discussion with Neil Mac Gregor, Ariane Berthoin Antal, Gaby Hartel and D’Arcy Wilson

Tuesday, 27 June

Drop Art into Natural Museums without Any Interdisciplinary Ambitions, Cord Riechelmann

Panel 3: Collaborations between Art and Science

Painting on the Rocks: Interventions in Terra Cognita, Ulrike Stottrop
Painting on the Rocks: Interventions in Terra Cognita, Tony Clark
Accessing Masses: Art Film as Index to Research Collection,                    Frank Steinheimer
How Not to Be a Stuffed Animal: Moving Natural History Museums through Multispecies Choreography, Susanne Schmitt & Laurie Young

Panel 4: Inspiration through Interventions

Art/Nature: Artistic Interventions at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin: The Museum as Research Field, Anita Hermannstädter
Artists‘ Views and Museum Narratives: Art Interventions in the Berlin Museum of Medical History at the Charité, Thomas Schnalke

Panel 5: Difficult Legacy

Daniel Boyd ‚Up in Smoke Tour‘: Decolonizing the Natural History Museum through Contemporary Art, Bergit Arends
‚Dead Images‘ – Interdisciplinary Art-based Research on a Collection of 40,000 Human Skulls at the NHM Vienna, Tal Adler